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Letter from OHBA President Jeff Wieland

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Dear Governor DeWine - 

            I want to first thank you and commend you for your leadership and efforts in protecting the great people of Ohio.  I would also like to commend you for being a leader that set precedence across the United States of America in a time of crisis.  Seeing you rise to the occasion gave Ohioans even more assurance in their support for you.

            As President of The Ohio Home Builders Association, I am writing to ask you to think forward as you have already done when the crisis was in the forefront.  It is time we prepare Ohio for an economic surge and get Ohioans back to work.  As we are all hopeful that the Virus pandemic has and will subside in the coming days, we need to prepare for the upswing. I learned so many things in the Great Recession from 2006 to 2011 from a different way of doing business, to personalities, to flat out trust. I heard many forecasts that could lead me astray but one of the greatest things I learned is that you can never prepare for a downturn and it’s even harder to prepare for the upswing while in a downturn.

            We need to prepare ourselves and show not only Ohioans but The United States of America that we are strong, we have overcome a pandemic, and it’s time to turn return to work. Our fear is that if we do not spark the swing now, we may see one of two battles; the battle of complacency relying on the government and the battle of a revolution against the government. Many folks believe that the loss of their jobs and the loss of the ability to fend for themselves are much worse than the illness. We can quarantine those most likely to be susceptible to the disease so we can we get the hard working Ohio families back to work with a new philosophy on a healthier work environment. We can be an American leader being the first to step up and get movement in the right direction for people’s jobs, to relieve Government from having to foster the families most affected, and to get America back to work.

            Governor, we are in a critical position at this time. Ohio along with the world needs leadership such as yours to begin rebuilding their lives and bringing positive spark to one of history’s biggest disasters. I hope you can find the spirit of my letter encouraging. You may read it as a cry for help, you may read it as a political stunt, but I hope you read it as a supportive and positive look towards the very near future. As you read this letter, please also keep in mind that the construction business has continued to work and has been able to sustain our workforce and keep our families working, this letter is not for personal agenda. 



Jeff Wieland, President

The Ohio Home Builders Association

Ohio Home Builders Association

Toll Free- 800/282-3403

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