The Ohio Home Builders Association (OHBA) is a member trade association, representing home builders and their associate vendors in a legislative and regulatory capacity on a statewide basis. It is an affiliate to the National Association of Home Builders. The OHBA serves its membership by promoting proactive involvement on state issues and legislation impacting the residential building industry such as wetlands, affordable housing, workers’ compensation, etc.

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Legislative Review

December 9 2020 Report 18

October 15 2020 Report 16

September 28 2020 Report 15

September 4 2020 Report 13

August 10, 2020, Report 12

July 28, 2020, Report 11

June 16, 2020, Report 10

June 1, 2020, Report 9

May 21, 2020, Report 8


OHBA Exclusive Benefit: Business Growth Partners

Through their six-step Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions (BPA), the SBGP Team identifies what is working, notes what is not, asks you a litany of questions, disseminates, and fully documents everything that is discovered. Finally, they conduct DISC Profile and Motivational Assessments with you and up to 10 members of your management team (including a team "scatter chart") and blend the results into your BPA. These assessments are also compliments of the Ohio Builders Association, to truly personalize your plan.

- Identify Your Vision

- Creating a marketing plan

- Creating a sales plan and process

- Increasing gross profits, cash flow, and margins

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SBGP& OHBA - Pilot Program - FAQs

What is a BPA - Ohio Home Builders Association

BPA Redemption Steps