About Us

Founded in 1942, the Home Builders Association of Dayton has worked to build a better Dayton and make the American dream attainable for many homeowners throughout the Miami Valley region. The Home Builders Association of Dayton is a professional organization of builders, developers, remodelers and related businesses who aspire to be on the leading edge of homebuilding through networking, education and industry advocacy

The mission of the Home Builders Association of Dayton is to make the Dayton region more attractive to businesses and residents, providing superior value in homeownership by:

  1.  Promoting industry standards;
  2.  Educating our members and the community;
  3.  Marketing members’ capabilities; and
  4.  Advocating responsible development

The Home Builders Association of Dayton strives to be the residential construction expert and resource for industry members, consumers, and civic partners. The Association seeks to strengthen the Dayton region by advocating for and promoting the residential construction industry. The Home Builders Association of Dayton is proactive in its efforts to drive business opportunities to members and secure the resources needed to achieve its mission by focusing on significant events and programs.

HBA builders, developers, and remodelers pass an extensive vetting process, providing references from customers and vendors, lenders, and fellow members before being accepted in the HBA. This is a key differentiator than other networks that do not have the extensive vetting process, as all HBA Dayton members come with a stamp of approval that ensures all members comply with the HBA’s code of ethics and adhere to the latest industry standards.

Our Partners

The Home Builders Association of Dayton is proud to be a part of the fabric of the Dayton region and of its partnerships within the local community.