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HBA Continuing to Bring Housing Home

Dayton and Western Ohio HBAs and NAHB Round Table with Congressman Warren Davidson

On Wednesday, May 2, members of the Home Builders Association of Dayton​ and Western Ohio Home Builders Association​, and a representative from the National Association of Home Builders were honored to meet with Congressman Warren Davidson in Troy, Ohio.

Both HBAs met with Congressman Davidson as part of the National Association of Home Builders' Bringing Housing Home initiative, a legislative grassroots effort to showcase the impact of housing in elected officials' home districts.

On May 2, nine HBA and NAHB representatives had an opportunity to speak with Congressman Davidson, United States Representative for Ohio's 8th congressional district. The round table allowed builder and associate members of the HBA, and Scott Meyer – NAHB Assistant Vice President of Government Affairs, to discuss issues facing the residential construction, as well as the State of Ohio and the United States. Topics discussed included a need for a new softwood lumber agreement with Canada, flood insurance, regulatory reform, housing finance reform, and the labor shortage and need to address workforce development. The informal meeting also allowed Congressman Davidson to speak about his experiences in Washington, D.C., what he would like to see happen in the future, and his solutions for our region and nation.

Josh Dungan​ of JM Dungan Custom Homes, LLC​, Dayton's 2018 President; Todd Denlinger of Denlinger & Sons Builders​, Western Ohio's 2018 Vice President; Scott Temple of SCT Builders​, At-Large Builder Director for Western Ohio; Todd Casey​ of 84 Lumber Company​, At-Large Associate Director for Dayton; Ron Hardin of 84 Lumber Company​, At-Large Associate Director for Western Ohio; Chad Newdigate of Flooring America​, At-Large Associate Director for Dayton; Angie McWhirter, Executive Director for Western Ohio; and Kathleen Unger, Executive Director for Dayton were proud to represent the Home Builders Association of Dayton and Western Ohio Home Builders Association along with Scott Meyer, National Association of Home Builders Assistant Vice President of Government Affairs.

HBA/Congressman Davidson-1 HBA/Congressman Davidson-2

L-R: Todd Casey, Ron Hardin, Angie McWhirter, Scott Meyer, Congressman Warren Davidson, Scott Temple, Josh Dungan, Todd Denlinger, and Chad Newdigate

L-R: Todd Denlinger and Josh Dungan
HBA/Congressman Davidson-3 HBA/Congressman Davidson-4
L-R: Congressman Warren Davidson, Scott Meyer, and Angie McWhirter
L-R: Todd Casey and Ron Hardin
HBA/Congressman Davidson-5 HBA/Congressman Davidson-6
 L-R: Scott Meyer and Congressman Warren Davidson L-R: Todd Denlinger and Chad Newdigate 
HBA/Congressman Davidson-7
 Scott Meyer, NAHB Assistant Vice President of Government Affairs


We thank Congressman Warren Davidson and his staff for providing our HBAs with an opportunity to help bring housing home!


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