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HBA Participates in 2nd Annual Career Adventure Day

New HBI Report Shows Labor Shortage Weakening Housing Supply, Affordability

The Home Builders Association of Dayton (HBA) participated in this year's Career Adventure Day at the Dayton Metro Library. Along with other trade professional organizations, the HBA brought to life the skilled trades associated with residential construction to more than 950 students representing many schools throughout the Miami Valley.

"We are looking to strengthen our members by participating in innovative partnerships that connect our industry to the community," said C.E.O., Eric Farrell. "Connectivity while growing the industry through workforce development will continue to be a critically important component of who we are, how we serve our members, and providing insights and resources for the next generation of builders."

CAD 2022

A lack of skilled construction labor is a key limiting factor for improving housing inventory and affordability, according to the Home Builders Institute’s (HBI’s) Fall 2021 Construction Labor Market Report released today.

The report cautions that the required number of construction workers to keep up with demand is approximately 740,000 new workers per year for the next three years, based on a new analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by NAHB. The estimate is determined by approximating the required net growth in employment due to construction expansion plus the workers required to replace individuals who leave the sector permanently.

“The construction industry needs more than 61,000 new hires every month if we are to keep up with
both industry growth and the loss of workers either through retirement or simply leaving the sector for good,” said HBI president and CEO Ed Brady. “From 2022 through 2024, this total represents a need for an additional 2.2 million new hires for construction.”

The report, based on research of NAHB’s Economics Group, provides an overview of the state of the
nation’s construction labor market. Other key findings include:

“The construction worker shortage has reached crisis level,” said Brady. “The situation will become more challenging in the coming year when other industries rebound and offer competitive wages and benefits to prospective employees.”

Brady outlined six key steps that home builders can take to increase the number of skilled construction trade workers in the United States:

  1. Reach out to secondary school students, and those who influence their decisions, to change their perception of careers in construction.
  2. Increase worker pay while balancing the need to keep homeownership affordable.
  3. Attract more women into careers in construction.
  4. Train and place more minority and lower-income youth and adults for job opportunities.
  5. Increase trade skills education for veterans and transitioning military.
  6. Work for bipartisan approaches to sensible immigration policies.

HBI is the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of skilled trades training in residential construction.
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